BC66 Python is it possible?

I have a general question. If the BC66 is running an ARM CORTEX M4 processor, in theory, can something like circuit python be ported to it?

Тhe cortex does not determine the possibilities…
for simple print(‘Hello World’) of uPython need ~200k code

How much memory is available on the BC66?

ROM (rx) :  ORIGIN = 0x08292040, LENGTH = 0x00032000
RAM (rwx) : ORIGIN = 0x001E7000, LENGTH = 0x00019000

Isn’t this similar to an ESP8266?


but you not have resources ( RAM & FLASH ) for Python core, JavaScript… etc
and BC66 not have FileSystem for py scripts

for uPython you can use ThreadX based BG96 / 95 or Linux based EC2x
this modules is tested from me with uPython, JavaSript and LUA