BC66 PSM Enter constraint

Hello. We use bc66 in our project, and it have different behavior with two mobile operators.
With first op all working fine:








[2021-02-02_13:26:44:498]+CEREG: 4,1,“0023”,“049FAB01”,9,“00001010”,“00101000”



[2021-02-02_13:27:17:779]+QNBIOTEVENT: “ENTER PSM”
[2021-02-02_13:27:18:027]+QNBIOTEVENT: “ENTER DEEPSLEEP”

With second op the module does not enter the PSM mode:








[2021-02-02_13:41:23:441]+CEREG: 4,1,“0099”,“0001D90B”,9,“00001010”,“00101000”




Mobile operator engineers can not help me yet. Where may be reason this behavior, or may be i’m had mistake in command sequence?

Added: after some time module eventually entering PSM, but not every time and it may be minutes or hours waiting…

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Just wanted to check,can you send and/or receive data ok? Make sure the band setting is correct for the faulty operator. Also APN will need changing for new operator
Iss your antenna ok for the band too? I am just wondering whether the radio is busy and hence no PSM. Cfun=0 would probably force into PSM, not sure.

Thank you for reply! I had this problem on two devices: project prototype and quecktel evaluation board. Today both simultaneosly started working fine. (Op says, than nothing changed on his side). Wonderful :slight_smile:
Even without PSM all other functions worked fine (including data transfer).

Ha! Got to love engineering. Well commit source code / document setup. Add to bug tracker. And keep going and see if it comes up again.