BC66 PSM_EINT not working as expected

I am able to put the BC66 into PSM mode for an hour and I am able to wake it up with the PSM_EINT. It is supposed to interrupt on the falling edge, but it only interrupts on the falling, then rising edge.

page 20

The documents states “Pulling down PSM_EINT (falling edge)will wake the module up from PSM.”
That is not happening for me. It wakes up after a falling edge and then a rising one. I have a switch, and PSM_EINT is high, I close it and PSM_EINT goes low. The module is not waking up until I open the switch again.
VDD_EXT is an output.

I am not an EE, but does this circuit cause it?

For me interrupt only works once… is it a known issue?

I want interrupt to fire multiple times (for example falling edge each 1 sec)

PSM_EINT wakes up the module, it boots and is accessible. During this time, no more interrupts are accepted, as it is already awake. Once it does into deep sleep, you can wake it up again. But waking it up every second would probably consume much more energy that keeping it awake all the time (not that I’ve tested it).
What exactly are you trying to achieve?

Thanks for the explanation! I am using SPI to communicate with external device. The device has a line that goes low when new data is available. I did a workaround using a timer and frequently checking gpio level instead of interrupt

Hello to everyone!!

Im starting in this fantastic world of NB-IoT communication, but im having serious difficulties to implement the PSM in this ship.
To activate de PSM_EINT, i just need to do AT+QSCLK = 1?
Then, can i just manipulate that pin?