BC66 OpenCPU RAM retention during deep sleep


I am using BC66 FW version BC66NBR01A10 and OpenCPU version BC66_OpenCPU_NB1_SDK_V1.5_S02

Reading docs I think there is not RAM retention during deep sleep. With small example code I confirm RAM content is lost on deep sleep.

SDK provides Ql_SecureData_Store and Ql_SecureData_Read functions to store vital data I don’t want to lose during deep sleep.

Quectel_BC66-OpenCPU_User_Guide_V1.0.pdf says Ql_SecureData_Store saves two blocks of 50bytes each (on RTC RAM I think).

ql_system.h says Ql_SecureData_Store saves two blocks of 2Kbytes each (on Flash).

which one is correct?
If I only can store data in Flash, this solution is not suitable because I will write in Flash every time I enter deep sleep, which is not good for life cycle of flash.

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Have SRAM… last page is free
For small data … byte [255]

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Any official statement about that?