BC66 OpenCPU lowest possible sleep current

What is the lowest possible sleep current that’s attainable using BC66 OpenCPU?

I’d like to port my application, which is now running on a discrete MCU, to the BC66 directly.
However, it’s important that sleep current is extremely low, in that case (<< 20 uA).

Currently, I tried waking from RTC, and meanwhile suspending my thread using Ql_SleepEnable() and Ql_Delay_ms(x). I made sure the modem is off, by using CFUN=0 before that.
The lowest I can get is ~130 uA at 3v3. Is that expected, or should I be able to go even lower?

When using the BC66 as external modem (AT command interface), I get sleep currents down to ~3uA.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Hello, I think your current has been very low, as long as the stable operation is ensured, the RTC can wake up the module normally.

I understand that something like deepsleep is possible. This should result in 3uA sleep current, is that correct?

Is there a way to have RAM retention, during deepsleep?