BC66 NTP parsing wrong time zone

if I send AT+QNTP=1,“pool.ntp.org”, I’m getting answer +QNTP: 0,“21/08/27,09:48:42+32”.
First problem - for request I use contextID = 1, but in answer is 0.
Second problem - wrong time zone in answer +32 that is more as count of hours in a day!
How to get proper time/tz?

hi, Maksym_Nechyporuk:

+QNTP: 0,“21/08/27,09:48:42+32”

1、The 0 is not contextid, it is the default output mode. You can refer to the manual for details. Contextid is required only when configuring the NTP server and synchronizing time, and only contextid=1 is supported
2、+32 indicates zone 8 EAST,1 hour (equals 4 quarters in )