BC66 no network registration

Hello everyone, I have problems with my BC66 module. It doesn’t log into the network. SIM card works with the EVAL board. I can read ICCID from the card. So the SIM is OK and unlocked. At AT+CEREG I get: 2, does the modem have to be switched on? CFun is 1

Please confirm the APN of SIM card
Then run AT+CGDCONT to configure the corresponding APN
try it again

i have reflashed the NVDM from EVALBOARD to my BC66 Modul… Now it works fine…
What is included in NVDM file?

I am very confused about this problem, if there is still a problem, I suggest you grab the log
Quectel_BC26_genie操作指导手册.pdf (1.6 MB)