BC66, NB-IoT/Non-IP, AT command Samples


I like to connect with BC66 to our NB-IoT network with “NON-IP”.
I execute the following AT commands;

  • Set frequency band with AT+QBAND=1,8
  • Set NON-IP APN with AT*MCGDEFCONT=“NON-IP”,“testnonip.iot.mobile.xx”
  • Set NON-IP APN with AT+CGDCONT=1,“NON-IP”,“testnonip.iot.mobile.xx”
  • Set operator ID with AT+COPS=1,2,"#####"

Unfortunately AT+COPS command returns with ERROR :frowning:
Do I miss something or something wrong?

Regards, Roland

First make sure the terminal registration network is successful, then you can refer to the following