[ BC66-NA ] AS and NAS Security Algorithms

We would like to verify if BC66-NA supports AS and NAS security Algorithms.

  • If it supports, any reference document where we can confirm, would be grateful if shared.
  • The release version if available (e.g. accessStratumRelease-r13 )
  • Is it possible to verify what algorithms are being used (AS or NAS) using AT commands or QuecOpen?

Thank you in Advance

AS and NAS are secure at the network layer based on the 3gpp security algorithm. If the application layer has security requirements, you are advised to add SSL application protocols

Thank you for the reply.
I understand it is at network layer.
Is it possible to get any information via debug ports?
Would it be possible to know which protocols use AS and NAS?

Yes, it can be output through the debug port; AS includes RRC, PDCP/RLC/MAC and PHY layers in LTE. NAS mainly processes data flows