BC66 mqtt tls "No connect send in time"

Firmware: BC66NBR01A10

I am trying to create a mqtt connection over tls with “ca signed server certificate”.

QCom Console:


+QSSLOPEN: 1,0,0


Problem is, my mqtt Broker (HiveMq) doesn’t receive any data and throws this error:

2020-08-07 14:03:12,489 - Client ID: UNKNOWN, IP: 18...123 was disconnected. reason: No CONNECT sent in time.

It is a little curious, because if there is no tls the order of the commands are: at+open -> at+connect -> at+send. But there is nothing with at+connect in BC66&BC66-NA SSL Application Note.

Any Ideas?

Hi Mmi_cs
Configure certificates and keys do you have any operation?