BC66 module - no respose from power on / reset button

I am currently working on an IOT project, where I am trying to set up the BC66 - TE - B - kit.
I am using the QCOM_V1.6.exe software, to interact with the board.

After connecting to interface0 through the responding port, the connection goes through, but when I click the reset and power on button, nothing happens and I can therefore not communicate with the board.

Can anyone maybe enlighten me on possible reasons to this ?

Thank you.

Hi StaerKling
You can try to execute ATE1 to turn on the echo, then reset and power on will have information spit out from the serial port.

From my experience:

  • check that you are using correct USB connector - there are two of them and only of the one with USB TO UART works for this
  • you should see four COM ports - use the Interface0
  • check that J302 switch is set to MAIN UART TO USB

Because you mentioned interface0 you probably have the first two correct. So maybe the switch?
And of course things like 115200 8N1 etc.