[BC66] Modem QCFG settings do not match those in AT commands manual

Hello all,

When I perform the QCFG=? command on a BC66 I am shown the following settings.


+QCFG: “epco”[,(0,1)]
+QCFG: “combinedattach”[,(0,1)]
+QCFG: “up”[,(0,1)]
+QCFG: “upopt”[,(0,1)]
+QCFG: “multidrb”[,(0,1)]
+QCFG: “autopdn”[,(0,1)]
+QCFG: “ripin”[,(0,1)]
+QCFG: “initlocktime”[,(1-30)]
+QCFG: “dsevent”[,(0,1)]
+QCFG: “atlocktime”[,(0-10)]
+QCFG: “urc/ri/mask”[,(0-2)[,urc]]


However when I consult the BC66 AT commands manual, it says that the following functions should be available. Two functions are missing on the modem. These are highlighted.
My question is, why are they missing? And how can they be shown (and set)?

Many thanks for any responses!

Do you need these two parameters?Query the current firmware version