BC66 LWM2M Issue

Hi all,

Currently there is an issue when using the Quectel BC66 LWM2M with common Leshan server implementations. The issue is very specific to JSON encoding and the Device Object (Object 3) or rather the Manufacturer that is being reported by the Quectel BC66 (i.e. LWM2M path /3/0/0). The Manufacturer includes the invalid JSON characters carriage return and line feed, i.e. \r and \n. This leads to the problem seen below in the screenshot when reading the resource with JSON encoding (the problem doesn’t occur with TLV encoding). Is there a way to change the Manufacturer name to exclude the invalid characters?

This is the whole JSON: “{“bn”:”/3/0",“e”:[{“n”:“0”,“sv”:“Quectel_Ltd\r\nQuectel_BC66\r\nRevision: MTK_2625”},{“n”:“1”,“sv”:“Quectel_BC66”},{“n”:“2”,“sv”:“867997030020951”},{“n”:“3”,“sv”:“BC66NBR01A10”},{“n”:“6/0”,“v”:1},{“n”:“6/1”,“v”:5},{“n”:“7/0”,“v”:3292},{“n”:“7/1”,“v”:5000},{“n”:“8/0”,“v”:125},{“n”:“8/1”,“v”:900},{“n”:“9”,“v”:0},{“n”:“10”,“v”:15},{“n”:“11/0”,“v”:0},{“n”:“13”,“v”:1.315026232E9},{“n”:“14”,“sv”:"+08:00"},{“n”:“15”,“sv”:“Asia/Shanghai”},{“n”:“16”,“sv”:“UQ”},{“n”:“17”,“sv”:“Module”},{“n”:“18”,“sv”:“MT2625_V01”},{“n”:“19”,“sv”:“Revision: BC66NBR01A10”},{“n”:“20”,“v”:0},{“n”:“21”,“v”:1.0314752E9}]}"

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Hi Quec_forum
There are two recommended solutions for customers refer to:

  1. Leshan server can use TLV format to read /3/0, there isn’t issue when the server use TLV format.
  2. If Leshan server don’t modify data format, the customer can re-configure Manufacturer via ‘AT+QLWCFG=”CR”,3,0,0,’(PS: this AT is internal command, and manufacturer value will be save to NVDM, just configure once), and then Leshan server read /3/0 again.

Hi Abner-Q
IS there similar command to change the Serial Number resource /3/0/2 of Object 3?
Currently it is displayed as IMEI, but we need to change it to our product serial number.