BC66 LwM2M built-in objects


does the BC66 have a configuration option that enables the application (that controls the BC66 and sends AT-Commands etc.) to handle all requests for built-in objects of the BC66 LwM2M Client?

For example if there is a read request for the “Manufacturer” in the “Device” object (3/0/0), which is a built-in object, the BC66 LwM2M Client handles this automatically without the application getting any information about this read request.

Is it possible to disable the automatic response of BC66 in this case and instead send a URC ("+QLWURC: “read”,[messageID],3,0,0") so the application can answer to this request with its own manufactuerer ("AT+QLWRDRSP=[messageID],1,3,0,0,1,17,“MyOwnManufacturer”,0)?

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Hi R_w
Now BC66 module already support the following ID except object ID 8. Except the following objects, BC66 also support object 3353