BC66 Inactivity Timer

Does Quectel BC66 Module support IAT? (Inactivity Timer)
Can we query the value of the inactivity timer as well as can we be able to configure the value of inactivity timer using AT Commands?

The inactive timer is controlled by the network and cannot be configured. Base station side can be configured, you need to contact the operator to solve;the module has no corresponding instructions can be queried

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Thank you for the quick response.

Is the inactive timer same as RRC inactivity timer, which the modem takes before it can enter into IDLE mode?

Just adding another query
We would like to know if BC66 module supports CLAT function, from what I understand. CLAT function is used for translating IPv4 addresses to IPv6 in the UE itself.

I could not find the corresponding documentation in any of the manuals and guides, would request the support to shed some light on this. If it supports CLAT function or not, and where can we get any relevant information.

YES,The inactive timer controls the time until RRC release after the last packet of data interaction;
The module itself supports IPv4v6. If the module obtains IPv4 and IPv6 over the network, the module preferentially uses IPv6 for access

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Just another question.
Is Local UE Inactivity Timer same as RRC inactivity timer. My apologies, if I am being confusing with the terms.

Does local UE inactivity timer relate to either T3324 timer or T3412 or “activetimer”

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Thank you so much. This solves my doubt