BC66 - http(s) headers, or SSL/TCP(IP


I’m using a BC66 and it works to some extent. Newbie but have managed to send some data using TCP and also MQTT.

However, I want to be able to send data to a backend such as Back4app that uses Rest-api with authentication. In this case an application-ID and a rest-api key is required. I can send data this way using other clients but have not made it with BC66.

I have tried using AT+QSSL and normal TCP - but I now realize that the instructions never mention that headers can be supplied. Does anyone know if BC66 is capable of sending custom headers in some way?

Or any other idea on how to send data from BC66 to a rest-api that requires these keys?


BC66 itself supports the HTTPS protocol, you can use it directly

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Ah, thanks!!

I did not find such an instructions in the bundle of instructions I got with the module, just for SSL and TCP. Does anyone know which instruction I can use for the BC66?

Quectel_BC66&BC66-NA_HTTP(S)_Application_Note_V1.0.pdf (217.1 KB)

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Thank you very much!

my pleasure,pls refer to the doc

hi i am jaan sher
bro i need USB AT port driver
and also need latest firware of EC21 A module can you help me in this case

I have sent it to your email,pls check

Oh, no… It actually doesn’t work. It seems like my BC66NB04-STD does not have these commands.
Any idea why? Or alternative approach?

I tried AT+QHTTPPOST=? and AT+QHTTPCFG=? but result is ERROR.

Firmware is:

Which is should be the latest according to support. Is that really correct?

I have sent the latest firmware to your email,pls check

Sorry, but I haven’t received any firmware. Inbox or junkbox. Can you please send again or share some other way?

Please provide your valid email address

Thanks. I have sent you a message.

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