[BC66] How is the +IP URC set (which AT command)?

One some BC66 devices I have seen an +IP: <IP_address> URC appear after succesful registration to the network, however on other BC66 devices I haven’t seen this URC (even though the UE registered succesfully).

So my question is, does anyone know how the +IP: <IP_address> URC is set? (if it can be set in the first place)

I have looked in both the ‘normal’ BC66 AT commands manual, and in the IP/TCP AT commands manual. The manuals do indicate that the +IP URC exists, but it doesn’t say what AT commands controls it.

These docs from IoT creators reference the URC as well, but make no mention of how it is set. Link1, Link2

You do AT+CFUN=0 and AT+CFUN=1, and if the module gets an IP, it should report the URC of the IP. If it is reset, there is no URC.

Hi Brixton,

From my own experience, you’ll get +IP URC if the network allow internet connection to the modem(you get an IP).
There were cases where my modem was successfully connected to the network but not to the internet. i.e. internet quota finished/expired.

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Hi @Muhammad_Bin_Ahmad , thanks! That was indeed what was wrong in my case. Once i was connected to the internet, i received the +IP URC automatically.