BC66 flush data when sending in buffer mode

Is there any way to flush data (for sending) when we use buffer access mode? How this mode work? Or it works only for incoming data?

hi, Maksym_Nechyporuk:
If you configure the data access mode as buffer mode, the downstream data received from the network will be buffered in the module, and then read through the serial port output;If the direct output mode is configured, the downstream data received from the network is directly output through the serial port and will not be buffered in the module.

About downstream data it is clear. I know this, but what about upstream data, which we send?

hi, Maksym_Nechyporuk:
Upstream packets cannot be cached. If the first packet fails to be sent to the network, the first packet is discarded when the second packet is sent, and only one packet can be sent each time。

I’m asking about caching upstream packets, because from time to time packets arrive to server after closing the socket or making large delay before next packet (4-12 sec). I can’t understand this behavior.

hi, Maksym_Nechyporuk:
Delays are sometimes possible, such as when the network signal is of poor quality;If your service uses the MQTT protocol, I suggest that you use the MQTT.fx tool to check for significant server latency.