BC66 Firmware for Olimex Board

Hello All,

I need to downgrade my BC66 module.

Someone can share

BC66NBR01A04 or BC66NBR01A05 firmware?

I got One Olimex Board with BC 66 but it seeem that it has some problems
Does not connect to network.

I got even a BC68 Board from Quectel whit the sam Sim and that work.

I’m desperate Please Help

look your private messages

I also purchased NB-IoT-BC66 from Olimex. Can not connect to network with the stock firmware

+CFUN: 1

+CEREG: 0,2

Can you please help @WizIO @mirko.ugolini?

Olimex board is normal BC66, just have level convertors
Config you APN

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Thank you, configuring APN helped! I was able to receive IP from the network :slight_smile:

Can someone please share BC66 firmware ?