BC66: Exception called at transmission

Good Morning,

I have a problem when sending data through UDP. I open an UDP socket and when I try to send data with a fixed length, the BC66 show me this message.


I am using BC66 firmware version: BC66NBR01A06

Thank you in advanced

Whether the string you are sending contains special characters, such as semicolons?
Also, what is the content marked in the following picture in your screenshot?

Not, he string I send is this: hola=hola&hola=11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

The content marked is a message that BC66 shows me when I am going to send the data

It is recommended that you send a regular string, which does not contain “&”, “=”, etc
You have a try!

Are you assuring me that this message appears because the module can’t understand an special character?

The firmware version of BC66 has something to do?

We also stated in our manual that special characters are not supported in the sent string. We recommend that you remove the special characters and try again. This has nothing to do with the module firmware version。