BC66, eDRX testing clarification


I am trying to test eDRX mode in BC66, I have configured the requested edrx value (edrx cycle length) and the paging time window using AT+QEDRXCFG and I have also enabled URC.

Here is the output from the serial console


[2022-09-21_11:56:29:627]+CSCON: 1
[2022-09-21_11:56:29:860]+CEDRXP: 5,"0010","0010","0001"
[2022-09-21_11:56:29:912]+CSCON: 0

[2022-09-21_11:56:33:630]+QEDRXCFG: 5,"0010","0001"



[2022-09-21_11:56:38:040]+CEDRXRDP: 5,"0010","0010","0001"


The read command shows the set parameters but I am not able to see any difference between eDRX and Idle mode. Can I get help on how I can know that the module is in idle mode or eDRX mode.

Thanks in advance for help.

Hi Herbert,

I have few more questions regarding eDRX.

  1. I have some Idea on PSM mode as I have tested that recently, whenever the module is entering or exiting from or to PSM mode we get a +QNBIOTEVENT response indicating “ENTER PSM” and “EXIT PSM”. Is there any way to test eDRX in a similar way without measuring the power consumption?

  2. Are my configuration settings correct? which I had mentioned in the previous message.

Thank you.

by AT+CEDRXRDP to query,If the output is similar to +CEDRXRDP: 5,“0010”,“0010”,“0001”, eDRX is working; If +CEDRXRDP:5,0; The eDRX service may not be enabled on the APN or the network does not support it