BC66 DTLS Implementation

We’re currently sending coap packets to our udp server without any transport layer security.

What security protocols are built in to the module?
Is it possible to implement DTLS without using the built-in LWM2M client stack and server? (https://www.eclipse.org/wakaama/)


The module has built-in SSL encryption of LWM2M+DTLS and TCP and MQTT.
COAP+DTLS is not currently supported, and plans to add it in the next release

Thank you for your response. LWM2M or MQTT looks like the way to proceed.


You can connect first, and then communicate if you have any questions.Thank you very much!


Hi, which version of DTLS is supported by the module is it only DTLS v1.0 ?

Hi Mohamed_Aly
There is no separate DTLS function, it is embedded in the LwM2M encryption method, and the supported version is DTLS V1.2.