BC66 - change default serial number on LwM2M object 3

Does anyone know how to change value of Serial Number resource /3/0/2 of Object 3?
This object is one of the LwM2M built-in objects.
By default this resource value is the module’s IMEI but we need to change it to our device serial number.
This is giving me headache as we are having issue right now integrating with some server.
I can change any other resource in Object 3 but not the serial number, why is this locked???

By default, Object3/0/2 modules are not reported to the server and need to be read by the server, but the reported data is not IMEI. Currently, we have a beta version that supports IMEI reporting to the server (Object3/0/2).

Yes, server read the value. The value is IMEI.
My question is, how can I change the value to my own device serial number??
I can change other Object 3’s resource using the following command AT+QLWCFG=“CR”,3,0,0,“My Company”

But i cannot change resource 2,command, i.e., AT+QLWCFG=“CR”,3,0,2,“My Serial Number” returns error. I really need to change the value of this resource, please help.

The information reported by Object3/4/5 is fixed, and the module IMEI is also fixed. Tampering is not allowed

Object 3 is not fixed, I can change other resources as I told you in previous comment.
This is not tampering, im not asking to change the IMEI.
The SERIAL NUMBER resource in Object 3 is set to IMEI and I just want to change this to my device’s serial number!

Please help on this ASAP.

P/S: I’m asked to evaluate BC660, but at this rate I’m not even going to consider it.

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