BC66 cannot accept AT Command after power ON

I am currently have BC66 EVB & using BC66 module to build PCBA as well.

Under 115200bps, with UART connection to PC when power on, with reset button pressed, there are only some data message come out from module. When using UART to key in any AT command but no response at all.

Both 3.3V, 1.8V are normal and I have pressed either PWRKEY / RESET / PSM buttons to activate but having the same result.

Please help how I can activate the Module to receive AT command in order to work normally.

Many Thanks!

Update module with firmware v10…

Thanks for your reply. I am new in using BC66. Is there any tools for it to upgrade and I am using standard AT only (not OpenCPU)?

Ask from your local Quectel support IoT Flash Tool and firmware v10