Hi, I have been facing issues sending text string to a server. The connection to the server is ok.
String is Eg. “1,2.33334444,34.344555555,1578659606”

AT+QISEND = 1,0,100,“1,2.33334444,34.344555555,1578659606”

However, I can send simple non string data like

AT+QISEND = 1,0,2,1234

Another question is, does the length of data, must be exactly equal to the data you are sending? What if my data length is changing each time?

And how do we count data length in a string format?

Thanks for the help

Hi Rajendran20

//Send data of indefinite length

//Enter data mode, wait for data input
//Press Ctrl+Z after entering the data to exit the data mode and send
//Note that needs to meet the hexadecimal format, otherwise it will report ERROR

You can use this method to send data of indefinite length.

Hi Abner,

Thanks, will check it out.

Currently I’m using an MCU to send AT commands to BC66. Can I know how i can execute CTRL+Z using this method?
If I need to send a string format, what other ways can this be done?

Hi Rajendran20
Send 0x1A=Ctrl+Z
AT+QISENDEX send hexadecimal string data.

Hi Abner,

Does this mean, i need to convert eg. “Hello World” to hex before sending using AT+QISENDEX?
I have tried sending AT+QISENDEX=0,11,“Hello World” but it returns me Error

Hi Rajendran20
AT+QICFG=“dataformat” configures the data format.
AT+QISEND can send fixed-length and variable-length data.
AT+QISENDEX sends hexadecimal string data.

It works as a charm, thanks alot. AT+QICFG did the trick

would you please write the exact commands you’ve entered ?
i’m confused !
AT+QICFG response error !

i can send data from server side to module
sometimes it doesn’t shod the exact text and shows other urc :100
it has no delay to send msg from server side to module

but i couldn’t send data from module to server !!!

anyone can give a hand ?

Hi Fanavaran

AT+CEREG? //Confirm that the network access is successful.
AT+QICFG=“dataformat”,0,0 //Configure the sent data format as Text string
AT+QIOPEN=1,0,“TCP”,IP address",Server port number,Local port number,0

+QIOPEN: 0,0 //Successful connection
AT+QISEND=0,10,“1234567890” // Send 10 bytes of data 1234567890

SEND OK //Sent successfully

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sir i am developing ec20 quectel when i send data to server i am getting error kindly support me …

[2021-01-18_11:38:21:315]+QCFG: “gprsattach”,1


[2021-01-18_11:38:22:328]+CPIN: READY


[2021-01-18_11:38:23:267]+CREG: 0,1


[2021-01-18_11:38:23:906]+CGREG: 0,1


[2021-01-18_11:38:24:595]+CEREG: 0,1






[2021-01-18_11:38:44:159]+QIACT: 1,1,1,“”


[2021-01-18_11:38:46:350]+QIOPEN: 1,0


Hi Raju
For EC20 issues, please ask in the LTE section.

AT+QISEND connectID must correspond to the connectID parameter in AT+QIOPEN.
AT+QISEND=1,4       //Send fixed length data, the byte length is 4 bytes.
> test

ok thank you so much now i got it…


The connectid is 1, so the sending should be: