BC66 always max Transmission power 23dbm on Vodafone Italy Network

Hi I see from test that the module transmits always at maximum tx power 23dbm in Vodafone Itay NB regardless of the network conditions and ECL class. Is the transmission power set by the MNO or is there a way from the Modem to configure the outcome of the tx power?

Is your terminal or module being tested on a real radio network? Can I provide relevant Log or picture information?


Yes it has been tested on a real radio network (Vodafone Italy NB-IoT) under Roaming conditions. Unfortunately I cannot upload log files since I’m a new user and new users are apparently not allowed to upload files. On a test in Lituania the TX power changes, in italy under Vodafone not (always 23dbm)

The Important thing to understand is if the modem recieves instructions form the network (Vodafone Italy) to transmit with 23dbm or is the modem that controls it. Is there a way to control the TX power on the Modem BC66?

Can you provide relevant screenshots?