BC65-TE-B not able to connect via USB or UART

Hi, we are evaluating the bc65 module using the BC65-TE-B eval board, but are having trouble connecting. The documentation is a little bit sparse on this, so I wanted to check I’m understanding correctly:

I’ve tried:

  • connecting under linux to /dev/ttyUSB0 with 9600 8N1, SIM card present, switch set to “main usb to uart”, device does not respond to AT, pressing RESET or POWERKEY button don’t change.

  • connecting via a true 3V3 uart via Arduino connector, powerkey pulled to ground, switch set to “main uart to mcu”. Same behavior.

The manual doesn’t provide any more information. Is there anything else I need to do to actiate the module? I there a complete Windows program to initiate communication to test to make sure the devboard is not broken? Where can I download the Windows programms (QFlash, LogCapture)?

Thank you!

I recommend you try it on WINDOWS and install the I Send You driver (sent by email)