BC65 - commands QHTTPx returns ERROR

Hi, I’m working on a project using the BC65 module. I need to use this module to send data to the server. The documentation for this module states that it can handle HTTP(s) requests. I have tried following the PDF procedures to get the data sending working, but I found that the module does not know AT+QHTTPx commands. The module returns ERROR. So how is it with this module? How do I get the functions to work with HTTP? Do I need to update the FW? Thank you.

Revision: BC65PBR01A03

It can support HTTP business, you can send your instruction flow to us to check together, in addition, you can use AT+QGMR query the current version I will give you to match the new version.

The AT+QGMR command also returns an ERROR.

You can try AT+CGMR.

The AT+CGMR command returns:
Revision: BC65PBR01A03

I have still problem with FW BC65PBR01A04. The update didn’t help.