Bc35-g at+nband


I am using BC35-G module and use AT+NBAND=3,8 to set the module to support band 3 & 8.

If band 3 & band 8 are supported in the network, will BC35 choose the band with stronger signal automatically or it always set to band 3 first even band 3 signal is weaker?

Thank you!

Hi hanglee,
The BC35-G can compare the signal quality from different bands and select the best one. So if you set band 3, band 8 of the module via AT+NBAND, the BC35-G module will select the better one to register on the network. Hope this reply can solve your question and make you satisfied.

Hi Hanhlee
The module will give priority to the previously registered network. If not, the module will search for the network according to the band order you set.

Hi Abner & frankfeng2020,

Thank you for your reply.