BC-95G - Repeated and unwanted reboot


I have a BC95-G that in general is working fine. However, today I saw this message randomly come up very often (every 30 seconds or so). Does anyone know why this might be happening? Many thanks!

Apps A...... Verified


Boot: Unsigned
Security B.. Verified
Protocol A..

Please check whether it may be caused by insufficient power supply or abnormal short circuit in module pin welding.

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great thanks, will try that!

Hi, Im also problem similar.
Do you fix it? Can you help me?

Hi, I have similar problem with BC-68.
Do you fix it?

Hi @Quy_Phan , @teme ,

I can’t remember exactly what caused it and how I fixed it, but I think it was something to do with the power supply or the wiring. I would suggest to make sure your power supply can deliver around 1 A minimum.
These modems have very short and very high current peaks, you won’t be able to see these peaks on a ampmeter unless you make the temporal resolution very fine.

And check that you wires are connected properly.

Let me know how it goes!