BC-95-G PSM High Current Drain

I’m working with the BC95 Module. Anything works well, I can send and receive packets and I can communicate with my Server with NB IoT protocol.

I have activated the PSM status report with the command AT+NPSMR=1 so I know when the module goes in PSM. I have noticed that when the module is in PSM (I have received the notification +NPSRM:1)
the current absorbed by the module is 1.5 mA instead of 3 uA that I expect. I’m measuring the current using a 5 digit multimeter in series with the alimentation of the module, so I’m sure that the current is drained only by the BC95.

Any suggestion? There is a particular AT command?

the firmware on the module is BC95GJBR01A06

I provide also a LOG from UEMonitror (WEtransfer Link)

Thaks in Advance

Flavio DI Nuzzo

Hi Flavio
You can upgrade the module to BC35GJBR02A03 firmware, you can contact the local FAE engineer to guide the upgrade.
If the problem is still there, you can grab a UEmoniter log from the DBG port and provide it to us for analysis.
The log file you provided is incorrect. The required files are shown below.

Thanks for the response.

Here’s the right file, sorry for my mistake, now I will try to find the right firmware, I know how to update it, but I’m missing the firmware package, can you provide me one?

Kind Regards

Flavio Di Nuzzo

Hi Flavio
The firmware needs to be provided by the local FAE engineer.

No abnormality is seen on the software, and no module wakes up abnormally after entering the PSM.
The on-site network environment is not good.

You still need to check the circuit reason from the hardware, is the other components of the peripheral circuit pulling high power consumption? Or did the serial port design not follow our reference design?

Thanks for the response, I followed the rules on your datasheet to desing the circuit, and I’m sure that I’m measuring only the current drained from the BC95.

I will ask for the newre version of the firmware, I’m working with the BC95-G module, that firmware is right can I use it?

Thank you very much

Flavio Di Nuzzo

Hi Flavio
Can be used, but power consumption does not necessarily decrease.


I notice only now your sentence: " The on-site network environment is not good " what do you mean? I’m using a sim provided by TIM (an Italian telephonic company) and it seems good to me.
Can you explain why is not good and maybe a solution if ther’s any?

Thanks in advance for your kindness, and sorry for the late response


Hi Flavio
In case of poor network, the module end cannot be confirmed, and the TIM operator is required to check and confirm.