BC 95-G does not connects to the NB IoT line

Just a month ago I was able to connect my quectel BC 95-G NB IoT module to the NB IoT line in Turkey and sending datas via UDP. I am in Netherlands now and I can not connect my module to the line. I am using sim card of T-Mobile now, just in the beginning of the programme there is a warning
“Fail to activate context profile”
and it gives error of +CME ERROR: 50.

Anyway I used the same AT commands again but I am receiving 0 for AT+CGATT? so there is a problem with my conenction. I also contacted woth T-Mobile and they told me that the sim card should work correctly. I am realy confused. Can anyone help me?

Below attached my AT commands, regards.

Hi Mk1907
After executing AT+CFUN=1, you need to execute AT+CGATT=1 before the module will actively search the network.