AWS IoT Core MQTT on EC21 vs EG21

We’re having some difficulties getting connected to AWS IoT Core via MQTT on an EC21-E module. The module is running firmware EC21EFAR06A01M4G.

We’re running into an error during the initial socket open (AT+QMTOPEN) which is giving the +QMTOPEN: 0,-1 URC.

On an EG21-G module with firmware EG21GGBR07A09M1G, the exact same AT command script proceeds without issue, we can connect and communicate just fine.

1. Are there any differences between the EC21-E and EG21-G that we need to know about for MQTT with TLS (specifically with AWS IoT Core)?

2. Is there a newer firmware for the EC21 modules that might fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Hi damienw,
The FW you use is too old, we do not support MQTT protocal on R06A01 version, but we have support this feature on our latest FW, i have send you the FW via emial, pls check your email, thank you.

Hi Duncan,

Perfect. Received, upgraded, and now works as expected.

Thank you for your assistance!