Autotest antenna connection


On a new design, we are mounting part number M95FA-03-STD. The point is we are having a lot of problems when it comes to coverage. Since the SIM provider says their connection is stable and presents no faults, we were wondering whether there is any way to check if the antenna path is OK and all components are well mounted.

The connection between the module and the antenna is done via a 50 ohm impedance track which ends in a uFL connector (there’s a 0 ohm resistor on the track). Furthermore, the path is really short so we do not think is a problem with the routing.

Is there any way via command / electrical measure to check whether the antenna is OK?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, if you want to check the antenna status, the easiest and most intuitive way is to use the QCOM tool to send the command AT+CSQ and the module will reply : +CSQ: ,

Where, < RSSI > parameter represents signal quality. If the value is 20-30, it indicates good signal quality; if it is 99, it indicates that there is no signal, and it is likely that the antenna is incorrectly connected or the antenna itself is faulty.

Here are the parameters: