Autostart QuecOpen application without PWRKEY press?

Hello my fellow mates,

can you help me? I tried looking and reading up everything, but somehow I am missing the info how to auto-start an application without pressing the PWRKEY button/input. The point is that I am designing a custom PCB with a BC66 module and want it to start automatically when powered up (without PWRKEY pressed).

All thoughts are welcome.


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Hi Andras

Please refer to this circuit.

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Good idea with a power supervisor. If you use a compontent with active low open-drain output (e.g. TPS3840DL), use can avoid both transistors, as PWRKEY is internally pulled high.
I’m not sure how the module behaves during crash, if it stays off or is woken up immediately. To cover that you would probably need to use external watchdog.

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Hahaaaa, this is very nice. Thank you, Rastik!