Auto call reject

Hello Guys,
I am new to quectel. I am using M66 for my project. I want to implement a functionality that reject the call automatically. In this function I want to accept only emergency contact only, their may be at-least 5 contact stored in MCU flash. Other than that 5 contact, the module will rejects other number.
Is their any command to do that? Or i need to implement my own function? Please guide me if I want to implement my own function.
Thank you.

Hi, guy, I am sorry for replying you so late, I am the employee of Quectel.

After reading your topic, I think that you could use MCU to send AT+CLIP=1 to enable URC to display the calling phone number and make MCU to judge whether the number is same to your contact stored in MCU flash or not, then send AT commands(ATH or ATA) to reject or accept.

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Thank you for replying.
I have one more question, when call is ringing, then from which location do i get that number on UART, so that I can compare the number with stored one?

Hi! guy, I am very happy for your reply.

If you want to get the number on UART, you could set the URC display channel by sending AT+QURCCFG=“urcport”,“uart1” to M66, then you will get the URC information on main uart port after restart.

I hope it will be useful for you, I will support you continually.

Hello Job.Bao,
Thanks for quick reply.
I am also using L86 GPS module for tracking purpose.
I have L86 EVB, and want to interface this with STM32f03x controller.
I am facing a problem with the GPS.It module is in continues reception mode, It receives data per 1 sec.
How do I configure it using UART?
I am sending some command to it but no response from the module.
Can you tell me how do i control it ?

I am sorry, I am not in workplace now.I will find some related materials about L86 to answer your question when I go back to company tomorrow.

Thank you Job Bao
waiting for your precious reply…

Hi, Nishikant_Hingole,

I am sorry for replying late…

After querying my fellows who are responsible for L86, the L86 module will antomatically output the NEMA format data of GPS by UART port once you start the L86 module , I sugget you could try detecting the date from UART port.

And, could you tell me how you send command to L86? by UART or other way?

I wait for your further information!

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Hi Job Boa,
I am sending “$PQBAUD,W,115200*43” cmd to change the BR.
I am using GNSS_SDK_Commands_Manual_V1.2 for reference.
and using QCOM as o/p terminal.

Hi, Nishikant_Hingole,

How about your setting of baudrate in QCOM? Have you ever tried using every baudrate to send cmd to L86?

If you have Skype or ZOOM, I could help you debug online.

I wait for your further information.

Thank you!

Best wishes.

Is my cmd format is correct?
I will connect you on zoom within half hr
first check look out in attachment.

It appears to be right and could I send you the ZOOM meeting room ID to your Email?

please send me the link on mail or message me personally on this forum

I have changed BR to 38400 but now unable to revert the change

Hi Nishikant_Hingole,

Could you get the GPS data from L86 by BR of 38400 through UART port?

And could you send me with the version number of software on L86?

I have changed the BR to 9600
i will send you the Vrs no. on Monday

OK, Thank you!

Best wishes!

Hi, Nishikant_Hingole,

Have you sloved your problem already?

I waiting for your further information of your problem for providing good service.

Hi, Job.Bao,
Sorry for late reply, actually I was on holiday .
I was working on the buffer used to store the data.
Can you tell me how to check the version number of software on L86?

firmware release information.