Audio mp3 not playing EC200UCN

Hello All,

We are working on EC200UCNAA -Kit and using sdk LTE01R03A02_C_SDK_U.
We are developing on audio product using above kit.

For FW design we went through all user guide and application notes of dev-kit and we have designed code which plays the Mp3 audio file stored in SD card.

As per our understanding, we have merged the SD card and Audio files to create custom FW.
But we are facing the issue in playing audio (mp3 file is not playing). We are getting the Error 4 in audio initialization.

We tried some of steps to work the audio file, but it couldn’t.
Please my attached document which explains the steps that we followed to design the FW for reference.

Can anyone guide me how to execute the audio file from SD card.
Please let me know your feedback on the issue.

Thank in advance

Santosh P

Hi, Santosh P, I think you can do it externally save the audio file to an SD card and test it.

Hi, Santosh, * Perform the following steps to preset audio files to the SD card.

  1. Open the boot fdldld. c file under components bootloadersrc, find the bool fdlDnldStart function, and change #if 0 in the SD part to 1. refer to