Audio Application on MC60 GSM Module

Hi Experts,

we are working on a way to test the audio hardware connected to our module (MC60) automatically.

For this application, we need to play a sound over the speaker and listen to it with the microphone, then record it and download the file to our microcontroller.

This seemed to work, but as it turns out, the module just writes the sounds you play (AT+QWDTMF / AT + QLDTMF) to the recording (AT+QAUDRD) internally. So it does not record via microphone, but directly writes the sound to the test file.

Now my question is, if we can deactivate this behaviour to just record the sound recorded by the microphone, or if this is not possible.

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Kai Werner.

The recording function is fine if you can record DTMF sounds.

Make sure your microphone is working. Use the module to dial your mobile phone. When the module is in the answering state, play your speaker in the microphone. At the same time, monitor whether you can hear the speaker in the mobile phone to make sure that your microphone has sound.

If there is sound on the microphone, it indicates that the sound can be received normally. AT this time, hang up the phone and use the “AT+QAUDRD” function to record the sound of the speaker

I wish you good luck

Thanks for your answer.

The recording function and microphone of our device are tested and working well.

Unfortunaltely, for our application, the whole process should work locally on the MC60 Module and should not involve any other devices or complex user input.

So, is there a possiblility, to record sound, wihch is played locally via the loudspeaker (QAUDCH=2), without the module writing it to the recording by itself (bypassing the microphone)?

Here is the desired process, as we imagined it to work:



e.g. AT+QLTONE=1,1200,200,50,500


Kind regards.