Attaching BC66NA to Network

I am following Application Design Note 1.0 to attach the BC66NA to the network if the SIM is not registered.

  1. If CEREG returns a not registering or not registered status
  2. Set CFUN=0 and AT+QCSEARFCN, then restart module (I am restarting using reset pin)
  3. Set Band to 0 i.e. auto and reset module (using reset pin)
  4. Set APN (AT+QCGDEFCONT…) which is returning OK and reset module (using reset pin)
  5. At this stage I am checking again the sim state using AT+CPIN and if Ready I am checking the SIM Registration (using AT+CEREG) but the SIM remains in a Not Registering state.

Hi Lukegalea
From your description, the SIM card is not recognized.

  1. Please check whether the SIM card is an NB IoT card.
  2. Please check if the SIM card holder is loose and soldered.
  3. Please check whether there is interference caused by the PCB wiring of the SIM card.