AT sequence for EG21

I try to connect the WG21 module on my embedded platform (with YOCTO) using AT comands (sends via shell with socat - /dev/ttyUSB).
Now I try to connect with network operator, below the AT commands sequence :

  1. AT => return OK
  2. ATI => return device info
  3. AT+CSQ => returns <26 , 99 > and seems tha the signal is goog
  4. AT+CPIN => returns SIM PIN
  5. AT+CPIN=“pin” => returns OK
  6. AT+CPIN => returns READY
  7. AT+CREG=1 => returns OK
  8. AT + COPS=? => returs a list of available operators in format (,,,,)
  9. I try to connect at specific operator AT+COPS=1,1,“string2” => return OK
  10. check the connection state with AT+COPS? => return the name of the network : +COPS 1,1,“string2” so i suppose to be connected
  11. after while (less than 5 minutes) I retry again the AT+COSP query and the result is 1

Where is the error in my settings sequence?

Thanks for any suggestions

Your sim card should be locked and you need to enter a pin to unlock it. You can contact the card vendor for the pin code.


sorry i give a bad data, point 6 returns “READY” so the SIM card should be ready to use
I’ll update my post