AT+QSIMSTAT does not report inserted_status=1 on defective card

Revision: EC25EUXGAR08A08M1G

I am testing with a card that has its contacts covered to simulate defective card behavior. The goal is to be notified when a card has been inserted but can not be read.

Expected behavior would be to receive URC (or by querying AT+QSIMSTAT?):

Actual behavior is no URC and the querying AT+QSIMSTAT? returns +QSIMSTAT: 1,0.

What is the correct way to detect that a card has been inserted but is defective? Is there a way to query the USIM_PRESENCE level directly?

You can enable (U)SIM Card Detection using AT+QSIMDET=1,0, and try again. Note that this function requires a restart to take effect.

The AT-QSIMDET function is active.


The issue is that the +QSIMSTAT “insertion status” does not report anything when a defective card is inserted.