AT+QNWLOCK - Still active?

I am new in this forum and I start working with Raspberry and LTE connexions.
I have a question about the EC25/2G25 LTE modules, does the AT command AT+QNWLOCK still work ?
I do not have the module yet, but I see this command mentioned in this forum, as well as I can not find it in the AT command manual PDF which are available online.

Has it been deleted from the firmware, or it is just not mentioned in manual (like a “hidden” functionality?)

Thank you and have a nice day.


Hello Erik_Franck, thanks for your question
The AT command AT + QNWLOCK is still valid on the EC25 module and has not been deleted. This command is generally not open to customers, so it is not mentioned in the AT manual. You can send an email containing your company name, email address and design requirements to, we will evaluate and make this command instruction available to you, thank you.