AT+QLTS is not sending timestamp back


I am using Quectel EG91 for my application. I got timestamp using AT+QLTS=1 and it worked fine but now it is not giving me back the timestamp, just OK or +QLTS:"". I have double checked the network registration, I get +CREG:0,1 which is okay. The modem does all the TCP/IP configuration and even connects to the URL. I can even get response from the https server as well.

How come it worked before and now it is not getting the timestamp. Any help would be much appreciated.


Hello there
Here is the description:If the time has not been synchronized through network, the command will return a null time string: +QLTS:""
You can execute AT+CFUN=0 then AT+CFUN=1 perform network time synchronization, after that you can retry
AT+QLTS command, thank you.

I already tried that, no luck. It seems the only way forward for me now is to get date/time from any server like google etc using a GET request.