AT+QISEND not working when using FW


We are currently testing the new firmware (, so that we can order new chips with this firmware. However, we noticed that the command AT+SEND suddenly fails. I upgraded the firmware on fully functional devices and the only thing that has changed is the firmware on the BG96. The error that is given is “+QIGETERROR: 572,operation not allowed”, when I send the command “AT+QIGETERROR” after it.

If I get the state with “AT+QSSLSTATE” before sending, it responses with “+QSSLSTATE: 1,“SSLClient”,“ip”,3443,5588,2,1,1,0,“uart1”,1”, which indicated that it is connected.

Does anyone have an idea why it stopped working with this new firmware?

Hi @JeroenS

So, Have you created TCP socket before send AT+QISEND?
As you said, AT+QSSLSTAT response good but please note that’s means SSL connection connected, probably you should send AT+QSSLSEND i think.


Ah thanks, I think that was it. I tested it now with QSSLSEND and it seems to work. Strange that QISEND worked with the old firmware. Thank you for the help!