AT+QISEND command when is module serve like as server

HI, i need help for described case.

I use module M95FA to serve as a server (Single UDP connection).
Module works in non-transparent mode.
Also, module is configured to use QIRD command for reading received data.

In configuration process i used following commands:
AT+QIFGCNT=0 // Select a Context as Foreground Context
AT+QIMAX=0 //DO NOT enable multiple TCPIP session at the same time
AT+QIMODE = 0// Non transparent mode
AT+QIDNSIP = 0// The address of the remote server is a dotted decimal IP address
AT+QINDI = 1// Output a notification statement “+QIRDI: ,,” through UART.

After command AT+QISERVER, module return SERVER OK.

Another module sends data as a client and i get next message:

i successfully read message using QIRD:

and after processing message i try to send data with following commands:
AT+QISRVC=2 // select server

Description of command says “If connection is not established or disconnected: ERROR”

How i can establish connection or why connection is not established?

Hello Dusan,

M95 supports sending/receiving UDP data as server. And the steps you provided are all correct. I doubt there could be some abnormal. Could you please provide original AT OUTPUT/INPUT logs, and add AT+QISSTAT to check status.