AT+QISACK doesn't provide correct ACK

After sending data through AT+QISEND after establishing TCP connection and i am reading Acknowledgement from AT+QISACK. I have two issues with this.

  1. AT+QISACK is giving cumulative numbers of data send,data ack, data not ack since the last connection established. I want to get ack for each individual message send.
  2. AT+QISACK does not provide ack many times even when data is received successfully on server. Even we tried to keep querry AT+QISACK multiple times, it reduced the no of failures but still many messages are not getting correct ACK even after successful reception of message to server.

Please help me to solve these two issues.

Suman Bharti

Hi @Kyson @quectel1 @quec_forum @forums.quectel , can you please look into my above issue.

I’m sorry to reply you so late.
Could you tell me the software version of the module?