I have bought a BG95-M3 module, which I am still waiting to receive, but I have been looking at the AT command documents and I have a doubt for the command AT+QIOPEN.

In the past I have been working with the BC95-GV module, which has an equivalent AT command named AT+NSOCR. In the case of AT+NSOCR I do not need to introduce the IP of the address of the remote server; however, it seems that with AT+QIOPEN the IP adress needs to be introduced.

Is it equivalent using AT+NSOCR=DGRAM,17,4587,1 or using AT+QIOPEN=1,1,“UDP SERVICE”,“”,0,4587,0? If not how should I write the AT+QIOPEN command?

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Yes, but the loopback test of is not supported and requires you to configure the correct UDP server IP

With correct UDP server IP, you mean the local IP that I have been assigned by the network, am I right?

No, the IP of your real UDP server

Ah, so you mean the remote IP address of the UDP server to which I plan to send the data from my module right?

Yes, I suggest you try again

Yes, I suggest you try again