AT+QICSGP and Ql_SOC_Create returns ERROR (MC60cb)

Am using MC60CB module with Open CPU solution SDKv1.7 presently.
Am trying to send a UDP packet to my server.
Am using two methods one is Ql_RIL_SendATCmd method and other is built in function method.

  1. For “SendATCmd” command method am getting “ERROR” for AT+QICSGP=1,“
  2. For “Ql_SOC_Create(0, SOC_TYPE_UDP)” method am getting “Create socket id failure,error=-14”.

But when i try the normal AT command method on NON Open CPU MC60’s, all AT commands works well.
NOTE: The iot sim card (Airtel, India) is in working condition (tested on ordinary MC60 modules).

LOGS (method2):
<–Register GPRS callback function successfully.–>
<–configure GPRS param successfully.–>
<–GPRS has already been activated,rtrn=-7.–>
<–Get DNS address failure,ret=-14.–>
<–Get Local Ip failure,ret=-14.–>
<–Convert Ip Address successfully,m_ipaddress=xxx,xx,xxx,xxx–> “sorry cannot disclose ip”
<–Register socket callback function successfully.–>
<–Create socket id failure,error=-14.–>

1.I think if you can use it normally on the standard module, then for the “SendATCmd” command method, you probably have a problem with the data format of the transfer, please refer to the way in the picture to send AT command under open(using Ql_RIL_SendATCmd API).

2.error=-14 ,This means that your ocpu network status has been activated, and it cannot activate a socket again. Please check your process to see if ocpu has been activated