AT+QGSMLOC command in MC60 not giving any response

I am using MC60 module for getting Location based on GSM, I tried the command AT+QGSMLOC , but It is not giving any latitude and longitude location. With GPS it’s working fine and i’m not facing issue. But our objective

is to getting location through GSM.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
From your description, you want to use our Queclocator function,right?
If that, please note that the old Queclocator1.0 already EOL, please change to Queclocator 2.0. The following is the related document. Please check. Thanks!
Queclocator2.0 PPT_EN_2018.pdf (783.5 KB)

Thanks for your reply. Tested the Queclocator 2.0 It’s working fine.:+1: