AT+QGPSLOC? gives the same data when querying


I use the BG95-M3 module with the UMTS&LTE EVB v2.2 devboard. I wrote a python script to query GPS data when necessary. The command order is this:


I always wait for a response before sending the next command. My problem is that if I don’t wait several seconds after the AT+QGPS=1,1 command (even if I got the OK response), the AT+QGPSLOC? command always returns with the same data. The UTC doesn’t change, not even a second, it is always the same response, and it doesn’t matter whether I got this response hours ago. The only thing that fixes if I restart the devboard however only the first readout will be accurate and the next ones will be the same. Is there a table or something that I can look for the necessary timing between the commands?


The commands look ok although I specify them in more details and not using the default values:

What is the FW version of your module? There was a bug of incorrect timestamp in earlier version:


the firmware version is: BG95M3LAR02A03_01.005.01.005

Unfortunatley it is not just the time, but every return value is the same, latitude, longitude, etc…

In that case you will need to examine the NMEA messages to see if the GNSS is refreshing every second.